Casper ~ 1998 Appaloosa/POA gelding

This is Casper's second page of pics. 
Click here for his first page.


This next series of pictures shows some stuff we do to prepare them for, well, the attack of the big green balls, taken on November 14, 2004:



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Keep in mind that Casper has been properly sacked out to all manner of things, including this green ball, before these pictures were taken.  The first step was getting him used to it in the arena with him, and then with it moving, and then with it touching him, and then being up
on his back with no rider.  Then we clicker trained him to follow it around and touch it with his nose for a treat.  In these pictures he has not seen this green ball in over 3 weeks, but he was used to it by the last time he saw it.  When we got him he was a pretty spooky little fellow. 

Taken November 14, 2004, this is part of how we prepare horses for the road and potential parades.  We use our asphalt road and our cars to get them used to traffic: