Here is an example of one of the blacktop paths at Point Isabel.  This is on the north side of the channel.  This side of the park was not maintained much until recently.  Recently the grass has been mowed and garbage cans have been placed.  I don't know if the grass will be mowed frequently; last spring, when the grass was tall like it is in this picture, it was foxtail-central!


There are lots of rocks for climbing.  Tennis-ball obsessed dogs with good noses can find lots of tennis balls in the crevices between the rocks.  In this picture, clockwise from the top, are Buck, my daughter, Teddy and Panda.
It can get very muddy!  This is at the northern tip of the park, in a section of the bay behind the protection of a couple of breakwaters.  It gets very muddy at low tide.  The muddy thing you see in this picture is Panda, my American Cocker Spaniel.
Here is Teddy, another American Cocker Spaniel, playing in the mud at the same location as the picture above.

When it's clear, there are wonderful views from the dog park of San Francisco.  This day was only partially clear.  I'll try to put up some more pictures soon of clearer views, and also of views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge.


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