Famous Sportsperson and Sports Brands

Famous sportspeople are all around us, and it’s our duty as well as our responsibility to follow their footsteps by learning about these people and what they have achieved in the field of sports. The following will be interesting and inspiring for you as you go on your journey to find out more about sports persons who were once just average.


Nike is one of the most famous sports brands in the world and the company’s founder, Phil Knight is no less. The Nike name has always been synonymous with top-class sportswear and fashion, and Nike products have always been extremely popular. Nike was founded on the idea that sports should be a part of the daily lives of people. They therefore launched Nike SB in 1957, and today Nike has a huge portfolio of sports wear and clothing and an extensive array of athletic shoes, including running shoes, training shoes and basketball shoes.

Basketball star Michael Jordan is perhaps the best known athlete who is part of the Nike family. As a basketball player, Jordan is a legend, and he has won six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls. Nike also makes basketball shoes as well as sneakers and has been an innovator in many fields of sports apparel.

Soccer superstar Pele was another famous athlete whose brand of football and soccer shoes made him a household name. He is often referred to as the World’s Best Player and was a World Cup winner. Pele’s boots are still popular to this day, as they are both durable and fashionable. My buddy at Kingwood Sprinkler Repair company is a soccer lover and he likes Pele very much. And sometimes he does some interesting things for this soccer superstar.  

It has been reported that Michael Jordan once told an Adidas official that they weren’t selling enough Nike shoes. His shoes sold millions of shoes. It’s not surprising then that Michael and his Nike brand shoes are synonymous with sports and sportsperson.

Tennis star Andre Agassi is another celebrity who has his own shoes and clothing range under the Nike umbrella. Agassi won five Grand Slam tennis titles and is considered to be one of the top players in the world. Agassi has used Nike shoes throughout his career and now works with the brand as a consultant.

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo is another famous sportsperson and former football star. Ronaldo is well known for his achievements on the pitch with his national team and in international football. In fact, Ronaldo is widely regarded as the greatest football player of all time.

These are just a few of the many great sportsperson and sports celebrities we now have. To see all of these celebrities, visit my website by clicking on the links below.

The most famous of all famous sportsperson and sports brands are Nike. The company is an important business player in the sports market, supplying a wide range of sporting shoes and clothing. Nike is a part of the Waffle Brands family, and is owned by Unilever. With its unique design and style, Nike has become a leading sports brand in the world of sports.

Nike was established in 1963 and was designed by high school student Mark Parker, who set out to design shoes that would last for years. He worked on a shoe called the Nokona shoe, which was worn by the University of Southern California Trojans basketball team back in 1963.

The company has been involved in many sports and athletic activities, including sponsoring the basketball teams at the University of Michigan. where they have won many championships and have made many sportspeople into famous athletes.

Nike has also been a key player in the golf industry, providing golf equipment such as the Nike Flight Bowling shoes and the Nike Vapor X shoes. Other products include golf bags and shoes, and have been a strong producer of baseball balls and other athletic equipment.

Today, Nike is in a position to manufacture and distribute shoes for many of the world famous sportspeople in a wide range of sports. The company also supplies many of their own line of athletic clothing and apparels. Its products are available in a number of high street outlets, but you may also be interested in its line of clothing as well. There are many famous sports people and sports celebrities in the clothing section, including NBA stars like Carmelo Anthony, Wayne Gretsky and Chris Paul.