Grant Credits to Open Market!

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Open Market is a frequently encountered examples of entrepreneurship in Turkey. Many people who want to embark on the trade are in the corner of the idea of ​​opening a market. HOSBEG provides grants to entrepreneurs who dream of opening a market with HOSBEG . Even after opening the market, it is possible to get support from HOSBEG to grow business. However, there are some procedures for opening a market with HOSBEG and it is necessary to obey them. It should be noted that HOSBEG is a government agency and the grant is financed by the government.   Is the market opened with HOSBEG? Can we get credit to open a market with HOSBEG? You can find detailed information about HOSBEG market credits in our article.


Can Market Open With HOSBEG?

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In order to receive grant credits, it is necessary to apply to the nearest İşkur or HOSBEG unit. However, in order to receive grant credits, it is mandatory to attend Applied Entrepreneurship Training organized by HOSBEG. However, as well as being compulsory, these courses are completely free to attend and receive training. It should be remembered that HOSBEG does not have to accept every business project. You can also learn how to prepare an acceptable business project by attending these free courses.

At the same time, after practical entrepreneurship training, the person better understands which area he / she needs to focus on, and perhaps realizes that opening a market is not a suitable job for him. In other words, this training is also important for making the right decision or confirming that the decision is correct.


You can open a market with HOSBEG

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As for our real question, yes, you can open a market with HOSBEG. However, as we said, there are a lot of points you need to pay attention to in order for your market project to be approved from other projects. In the continuation of our article, let us talk about the points you need to pay attention for the approval of the project .

What information should be included in the Business Plan Project?

What information should be included in the Business Plan Project?

The business plan project should first include general information. General information The person who will start the business or if the person has partners in establishing the business should be identified who the partners are, but the activity of the business and the approximate duration of the establishment should be stated in the general information field.  

In addition, the other elements to be involved in the project are the information of the entrepreneur, the enterprise and the activity if the partners or entrepreneurs are the only ones. Production and management plans, financial plan and support requested from the institution should be included in the project. However, all this information should be written in a clear, understandable, formal, clear language without the word crowds. It should be remembered that even small details are important in the acceptance of the project, and attention to the details puts the entrepreneur or entrepreneurs one step forward among other projects.