Online payday loans direct lender -We have made online payday direct lending easy

We have made online payday direct lending easy  

There are several websites available, where opportunities are offered to borrow small amounts. One of the websites where this possibility is offered via online payday loan direct lender is the website. Here you can borrow amounts up to an amount of 750 euros with a minimum amount of 100 euros. To be eligible for a loan through us you must meet a number of conditions and provide the necessary supporting documents.

What is Creditmini?

Creditmini can be considered as a trade name of Debet Services BV The objective of Creditmini is to help consumers to provide a favorable loan for low monthly payments. Creditmini has a mediating role between lenders and consumers. The Financial Supervision Act applies to the services of Creditmini. A request for a mini loan can only be made online, but for information you can contact us by telephone during opening hours. Creditmini is an independent broker and therefore free to offer financial products that come from different lenders. It is important to know that loan applications will be checked with the Credit Registration Office. Moreover, every loan granted via Creditmini will be registered with the BKR.

Terms and conditions mini loan via Creditmini

Terms and conditions mini loan via Creditmini

In order to be eligible for a mini loan through Creditmini, the age requirement must first be met. You must be at least 21 years old to borrow an amount and you must not be older than 64 years of age. Another condition set by Creditmini is having income from work and having the Dutch nationality. Applicants with a foreign nationality are subject to the condition that it must be possible to prove that they are resident in the Netherlands. Students cannot apply for a mini-loan via the website, and this also applies to weekly payers who are employed by an employment agency, independent entrepreneurs and benefit recipients. Furthermore, a minimum income limit of 1200 euros per month applies to be able to obtain a mini loan.

Apply for a mini loan

At Creditmini it is possible to fill in an application form for a mini loan online. Among other things, the desired amount can be specified in the online application and the personal details must be stated. The monthly net amount must be entered when stating the source of income. After receiving the application, you will be asked for the required supporting documents, such as a copy of a bank statement, a copy of the payslip and a copy of a valid Dutch identity document. The data will then be checked, after which the applicant will give an online approval for obtaining the mini loan. If the online agreement has been received by Creditmini, payment can be made of the mini loan. The required documents can be supplied in various ways.

For example, it is possible to scan the documents and send them by email to Creditmini, but sending them by fax is also possible. You can send the documents by mail, but in that case the handling will take more time. The duration of the mini loan is 21 days and the loan amount can be paid out net, with the costs already being deducted.

Borrow more at AskLoan

Borrow more at AskLoan

If a larger loan amount is required than can be obtained from Creditmini, it is possible to apply for a loan at the Credit Desk. The is referred to by Creditmini as the big sister. Also when applying for a loan with an amount above 750 euros, the request for a quote can be submitted online. Subsequently, thorough advice can be given about the loan by email or by post.