Will Credit Interest Rates Fall?

From time to time, we can apply for bank loans to meet our needs, to own a house or to buy our dream car. However, the interest paid on loans can sometimes be too high and we may be in a difficult situation. Credit interest rates may also be lowered. Does the loan interest rate ? What changes will occur in loan rates in 2018? Will 2018 loan interest rates fall?

It will be very difficult to define this situation as clearly or not. However, when you look at the campaigns conducted in 2017 , you can see that the housing loans also fell below the 1% interest rate. For example, Rose Bank distributed housing loans with an interest rate of 0.89% . We believe that in 2018 , various campaigns and updates will also be available for housing loans.

According to the regulation issued in 2016 , we are now able to use loans to 80% of the value of the house in question. The appraiser is able to use credit on this value as much as he appraises our house. Therefore , we think that the same campaigns will be implemented in 2018 as well. We will keep this title up to date with new news.


Will it fall only in housing loans?

housing loans?

As we said at the beginning of the article, it would be wrong to make a clear definition. However, it is clear that there may be an interest rate cut in housing loans . Other than that, not in the general interest deduction on loans, banks are able to offer very low interest rates from time to time with his campaign. You can follow up on current credit campaigns.

We also recommend that individuals who are considering housing purchase follow this up-to-date information. Although the dollar is moving upwards, the construction and housing sector is one of the backbone of our country, and this sector is constantly kept alive by the government. Therefore, we believe that 2018 will come with discounts, considering that various discounts will be supported by various laws.


2018 Interest Rates

2018 Interest Rates

In 2018, interest rates will be the same as 2017 average. For this reason, we recommend that you take your steps in line with the campaigns in 2018 and follow the government’s interest rate announcements.